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Started in 1987, SK chemicals life science business group manufactures, distributes, and sells ethical prescription, vaccine and blood products in the global market. SK chemicals life science business group has been built faster than many other companies in the industry.
SK Chemicals aims to be a leading global healthcare provider through high quality products offerings and innovative marketing approaches. In a short span of 20 years since its inception in 1987, SK Chemicals Life Science Business Group started a new era in the Korean Pharmaceutical industry with the ultimate purpose of facilitating our customers to experience happier and healthier lives. The Company believes that in order to impact the global healthcare industry, commitments to produce results exceeding expectations from patients, customers, colleagues, investors as well as business partners are essential.
business unit&growth
Consistently outpacing its competitors in the industry, SK Chemicals has grown to be one of the leading corporations in Korea. The Company currently focuses on arthritis, gastro-intestinal and cardiovascular disorders. In order to accelerate growth, SK Chemicals made a strategic move to expand its business domain to biopharmaceuticals by merging with Dong Shin Pharmaceuticals, a domestic leader in vaccines and blood preparation, in 2006 followed by another merger with In2Gen, a biopharmaceutical startup, in 2007. In addition, to expand its product portfolio beyond the pharmaceuticals, SK Chemicals initiated a medical devices business focusing on the respiratory disease area to offer products in the medical devices and services industry. The Company’s latest efforts are in accordance with the vision of becoming a premium overall healthcare provider in the 21st century.
global presence
SK Chemicals has sales and marketing infrastructures in Korea and China. In order to provide coverage in other pharmaceutical markets including the United States and some European countries, SK Chemicals employed indirect methods of sales and marketing such as licenses and distributions partnerships. Acquiring Korean cGMP and European GMP certification in 1991 and 1999 respectively, SK Chemicals since then exported high quality products to Asian and European nations.
The Company’s dedication to innovation-driven R&D resulted in several pharmaceutical breakthroughs in Korean pharmaceutical industry:
  • ㆍ Korea's 1st new drug (New Chemical Entity) - Sunpla (anticancer drug)
    ㆍ World's 1st anti-arthritis patch - Trast (piroxicam patch)
    ㆍ Korea's 1st new herbal drug - Joins (anti-arthritis)
    ㆍ World’s 5th erectile dysfunction agent - Mvix (more selective PDE5 inhibitor)
SK Chemicals focuses on developing new chemical entities, herbal and biopharmaceutical drugs in therapeutic areas with high unmet medical needs. The Company successfully maneuvered into biopharmaceuticals, vaccines and blood preparation industry by leveraging expertise from recently-merged Dong Shin Pharmaceuticals and In2Gen. Moreover, facilitating the company’s balanced pipeline, which includes specialty generics and innovative pharmaceuticals, is top-notch risk and project management. SK Chemicals’ pipeline consists of more than 30 R&D projects, ten of which are currently in phase II or beyond in the drug development cycle. Additionally, the Company strives to enrich its pipeline and hedge risk via in-licensing of technology and co-marketing. To further augment its R&D pipeline, the Company continuously searches for candidates to establish successful strategic partnerships with, and welcomes any interested corporations or institutions sharing the same grand vision of impacting the global healthcare industry.