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Ginexin-F tab Ginexin-F tab
  • Anti-oxidant and neuroprotective agent.
  • Basal therapy for Ischemic diseases.
  • descriptin
    Effective components are extracted from green ginkgo biloba leaves by the use of patented technology.
    Ginexin-F 40mg tablet contains 40mg of gingko leaf extract and Ginexin-F 80mg tablet contains 80mg of gingko leaf extract.
  • indication &usage
    1. 1. Treatment of circulatory disorders in peripheral arteries (Intermittent claudication)
    2. 2. Treatment of dizziness, vascular or degenerative tinnitus
    3. 3. Treatment of organic cerebral dysfunction accompanied by symptoms of dementia such as tinnitus, headache, memory loss, inability to concentrate, depression, dizziness
  • dosage &administration
    1. 1. Circulatory disorders in peripheral arteries, dizziness, tinnitus :
      oral administration with 40mg of gingko biloba extract three times a day or with 80mg of gingko biloba extract twice a day
    2. 2. Organic cerebral dysfunction :
      oral administration with 40-80mg of gingko biloba extract three times a day or with 120mg of gingko biloba twice a day Increase or decrease according to age or symptoms.
  • characteristics
    1. 1. Ginexin-F has various functions. It reacts on the vessels as well as on the blood, variously treating blood circulation disorders.
    2. 2. Ginexin-F is very safe. It is a natural pharmaceutical that has no side effects even if taken for over a year.
    3. 3. Ginexin-F can be used as an essential remedy for diseases such as those related to ischemia. It can be used as an essential remedy for brain blood circulatory disorders such as dementia, stroke, tinnitus, headache or peripheral blood circulatory disorders that are manifested in intermittent claudication, hypertension and diabetic complications.