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renexin tab renexin tab
  • Anti-platelet agent as a composite of cilostazol and ginkgo biloba extract
  • Additional neuroprotective effect
  • descriptin
    It is a new combination drug containing 100mg of cilostazol and 80mg of gingko extract, which was developed by SK Chemical)
  • indication &usage
    1. 1. Improves ischemic symptoms including ulcers, pains and cold sensation associated with chronic occlusive arterial diseases such as Buerger’s disease, arteriosclerosis “obliterans, and diabetic peripheral vascular disease.
    2. 2. Prevents the recurrence of cerebral infarction after original attacks of the disease (excepting cardiogenic cerebral embolism).
  • dosage &administration
    Take one tablet twice daily.
  • characteristics
    1. 1. SK Chemical has developed a new combination drug containing cilostazol and gingko extract.
    2. 2. It has proved its effectiveness in treating and preventing vascular complications in diabetic patients.
    3. 3. It may prevent the recurrence of stroke in patients who have suffered the disease, as well as improve dizziness and cognitive impairment associated with stroke.
    4. 4. It can be used safely because it has been demonstrated that this drug does not affect bleeding time.
    5. 5. We have reflected patients’ needs, such as dosing convenience and the economic burden, in the dosage.