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nexad tab nexad tab
  • descriptin
    S-Amlodipine Gentisate 3.44mg (2.5mg as S-Amlodipine)
  • indication &usage
    Chronic stable angina, vasospasmodic angina(Prinzmetal’s or variant angina)
  • dosage &administration
    Adults: The usual initial dose of Nexad tab. is 2.5 mg as S-Amlodipine once daily with a maximum dose of 5 mg once daily. The dosage might be adjusted according to the age or symptoms of the patient.
  • characteristics
    Nexad tab. is consisted of S-amlodipine which is a part of potent calcium channel antagonist of racemic amlodipine. Therefore, Nexad tab. has comparable antihypertensive efficacy with half dose of racemic amlodipine. Also gentisate salt of S-Amlodipine presents antioxidant effect and the highest photostability than any other salts of S-Amlodipine.