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Blood Preparetions

sk albumain 20% lnj sk albumain 20% lnj
  • SK Albumin 20% Inj. maintains plasma colloid osmotic pressure and serves as carrier of intermediate metabolites in transport and exchange of tissue products.
  • descriptin
    100mL contains 20g of human serum albumin.
    SK Albumin 20% is supplied in 50mL/bottle and 100mL/bottle
  • indication &usage
    Hypoalbuminemia and Hemorrhagic shock in the cases of loss of albumin (burn, nephrotic syndrome) and depression of albumin synthesis ( hepatic cirrhosis etc.)
  • dosage &administration
    Recommended dose for adults is 25-75g/day by IV infusion.
    IV Rate of administration is 2~4mL/min
  • characteristics
    1. 1. Preservation of the colloidal osmotic pressure of plasma albumin preserves the colloidal osmotic pressure of plasma and regulates the circulatory volume.
    2. 2. Albumin serves as a binding site for many cations, anions and many chemicals, so albumin transports nutrient substances and metabolites and neutralizes the effect of poison.