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Blood Preparetions

tetabulin inj tetabulin inj
  • Directly neutralizes toxin excreted by Clostridium tetani , cause of tetanus.
  • descriptin
    1mL contains tetanus human immunoglobulin over 250units.
  • indication &usage
    Passive immunization against tetanus(postexposure, prophylaxis & treatment of tetanus)
  • dosage &administration
    1. ① Postexposure prophylaxis : Recommended dose is 250units as a single dose in adults by IM injection.
    2. ② Treatment of tetanus : The recommended dose is over 5,000 units by IM injection.
  • characteristics
    1. 1. Tetabulin Inj. supplies passive immunity to the toxin produced by the tetanus organism, Clostridium tetani. The antibodies act to neutralize the free form of the powerful exotoxin produced by this bacterium.
    2. 2. Solvent/Detergent treatment of Tetabulin Inj. is very efficient virus inactivation process. This S/D treatment is especially efficent to HIV, HBV, HCV inactivation.