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sk-td sk-td
  • descriptin
    One 0.5mL dose contains :
    Adsorbed diphtheria toxoid … Not less than 2 IU
    Adsorbed tetanus toxoid … Not less than 20 IU
  • indication &usage
    Prevention of diphtheria and tetanus
  • dosage &administration
    1. 1. Primary immunization(for non-immunized persons or for those with no evidence of immunization) A total of 3 vaccinations: - Initially(from the age of 7): 0.5mL - After 4-6 weeks: 0.5mL - 6-12 months after the second vaccination: 0.5mL

    2. 2. Reinforcing immunization(for persons fully immunized) - At age full 10 - 2 years: 0.5mL - Every 10 years after reinforcing immunization: 0.5mL

    3. 3. Immunization after injury a) Individuals fully immunized with the last vaccination dating back
      - Up to 5 years: No immediate vaccination necessary
      - 5-10 years: 0.5mL
      - More than 10 years: Simultaneously doses of 0.5mL Td + 250 IU tetanus immunoglobulin b)
      Individuals known to be not immunized or insufficient immunization should receive tetanus immunoglobulin immediately. In the event of injury, such individuals require simultaneous administration of tetanus immunoglobulin.

    * Mode of administration: The vaccine is given by deep intramuscular injection and must not be injected into a vessel.
  • characteristics
    1. 1. Vaccine for Children of 7 years of age or older, Adolescents and Adults
      If children older than 7 years of age are received DPT, hypersensitivity about Diphtheria toxoid may occur. Td vaccine is decreased Diphtheria toxoid below 2 Lf. Therefore, It’s safe when children 7 years of age or older and adults vaccinated.

    2. 2. Reliable Vaccine
      The manufacturing and testing procedures of Td vaccine comply with the European Pharmacopoeia and WHO guidelines.

    3. 3. Safe Vaccine
      Td vaccine contains no thimerosal, an organomercury presevertive, that concerned hypersensitivity.
      About more than thirty and four millions dose safely received until this present, and the results of clinical test and post marketing experience showed highly safety.