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Parenteral Nutritions

helpowersol lnj helpowersol lnj
  • Helpowersol Inj. has been specifically formulated to provide a well tolerated nitrogen source for nutritional support and therapy for patients with hepatic disease.
  • descriptin
    250mL(1bottle) contains 15 kinds of amino acids as 6% and 6 kinds of electrolytes
  • indication &usage
    1. ① The improvement of encephalopathy by acute or chronic liver disorder
    2. ② Supplement of amino acids for the patient of liver disorder
  • dosage &administration
    Adults: 1-1.5g/kg/day of amino acids as a maximum dose, intravenous infusion.
    Administration rate : 30-40drops/min
  • characteristics
    1. 1. Helpowersol Inj. provides 9 kinds of essential amino acids, 6 kinds of nonessential amino acids and 6 kinds of electrolytes.
    2. 2. The percentage of total amino acid is 6% and percentage of essential amino acid is 3.4%.
    3. 3. The percentage of branched chain amino acids to total amino acids is 35.6%